Saya siapa?

Hallo, my name is Muh Isfhani Ghiath, I can be called Isfha or Ippang. I was born in Sungguminasa, 28 June 1997. I grew up in Gowa-Bontoramba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Raised from the Sundanese – Makassar family. After graduation from 1 Junior High School Sungguminasa, I wandered in the suburbs of the capital, namely Depok City. I continued my vocational education , at Al Muhajirin vocational school with the specialization of computer network technique. Now, I continue my education in Informatics at Institute of Technology Nurul Fikri. I am currently active in several communities in Indonesia, such as in aBraincode Indonesia ( as a founder, community leader on Google Developer Student Clubs in my campus, contributor in GDG Devs Group (Chapter Depok and Jakarta), Jakarta JS, React Native ID, Kotlin Indonesia, CodeAndroid Indonesia, FOSS Indonesia, ADB Bandung and others. I am currently also developing my own company in the field of software house located in Depok, West Java. I am also active in research and development about Fintech and Blockchain at the Singapore company, Frypto Ltd to be exact . And trusted to be a CTO in Halalin.Asia; a first Islamic marketplace in Indonesia. Then yesterday I was appointed to Google India as a campaign leader for the Google Crowdsource Program in Indonesia.

Actually I was an artist , because in my family (from father ) all artist . In the past, before I became acquainted with the cod world, I was a painter. Had won the O2SN championship as well as South Sulawesi levelled in the painting competition. And also, before getting acquainted with programming, I was a designer. Incidentally, my father had a printer. So I help him to become a designer support in his printed.

I started going into the programming world since my father hired a computer for the first time of home for the printed press . first time used, i was confused with the thing, the object that can be lit with the tube behind it and has the button that can be in the push and can move (sorry, Bontoramba child like me has never seen such thing before) haha . Curiously , I tried to touch and operated it . not long after , there was a strange incident . Suddenly , my father’s computer suffered a pretty fatal damage . ALL HIS DATA LOST ! and all his documents also lost because i was tried to be Mr. know it all in used the computer . From that incident, my father firmly forbade not to touch the object again . But I was still curious and feel something extraordinary on it.

When my father was not home, I tried to operate the computer again and tried to explore again about the computer system (at that time windows 2000 or XP). I explored more deeply, all the features that exist in the operating system I tried to use it all. Unconsciously, in front of me there was another strange object , a thin-shaped object and like a radio cassette (floppy ) . I tried to insert the floppy in the computer’s CPU (as my dad always did) , and suddenly the computer is damaged again. Apparently, the floppy was infected with a virus.

With my senses of curiosity , the files on my floppy disk opened and one of the files was infected with the virus . After that appears in a popup notification of the virus on the screen and CD-ROM it automatically open-close . since then, I was strictly forbidden to hold the computer. As a result I was scolded and in brackets in the bathroom then hit the lashes using a belt. as a child, curiosity is always there. I was curious that time and confused, how come there was an application of the computer? How come a virus? , I finally want to created a computer application that can remove the virus.

Well , it turns out the day after the incident, there is technicians come home and did computer repairs. It turned out the same as my mind , the technician installed an antivirus in the computer , anti-virus images such as duck and yellow (PCMAV , made by mr Anton Pardede ) . Because of that I was curious how to make antivirus like PCMAV it , and wishied to make an application similar to personal name as its antivirus name.

Until one day, my elementary friends invited to come at one internet corner in Sungguminasa (6th grade elementary ) , first come there all my friends played games . I also introduced the name internet by my friend. My friend said, whatever you want to search , you could be typed here (at that time using yahoo) . And I tried eksplored, up from a haphazard keyword to get one keyword to created an antivirus application using visual basic script (VBA ) . Essentially, from there I started exploring about VBA and tried to make antivirus based command line, and at that time I called antivirus with the name “Cleaner”. From there , I started to know to programme.

After graduating from elementary school , I tried exploring again for VBA . I set aside money a thousand rupiah a day so that could be played on the internet corner every 2 days . Until one day I joined in one forum for programmers who discussed about computer and programming ( ) , created by Sepran Ashari. From there, I tried exploring again for the programming in the internet corner by asked in the forum. I was a small child, let alone me from the countryside , Indonesian language is also a mess, and every question, definitely got bully the same forum members . From the reproach of “snot-boy” , to “amateur programmer” that makes me only able to swallow .

And in the end , I eksplored programming while being SR. (silent reader ) haha . In short , from there I found other forums, and even more specifically discussed about antivirus programming, such as ( , , , , and up Kaskus!) . Then I eksplored specific programming in the development of antivirus applications. Going to grade 8 junior high school , I tried more serious again for the development of antivirus with VBA . but there dominant use tools and programming language Visual Basic 6 as a programming tool , and I decided to study the application. After that , I was more serious about the development of antivirus applications, and I call it with Spensav (SMPN 1 Sungguminasa AV ) . From there , I began to learn many programming languages by myself for Spensav perfection . From C ++ as mobile antivirus , assembly as antivirus engine, to virus research and UI app design .

The most remarkable thing in the cod world is freedom . In a sense , we are very free to realize any idea at any time without any time limit , we could freely and have more privileges to get to know the world faster , we can be free to get acquainted and have new relation engineer all over the world . most importantly , we can be free to help and save many people.